About us

Sinoart is currently the largest overseas marketing integration service provider in the Central Plains region.

Our History

Join us to witness the history of the development of Sinoart.

  • 2018

    Committed To Social Media Marketing, Sinoart Became. The Only Certified Facebook Agent In The Central Region Of China.

  • 2016

    In 2016, Has Reached a Cooperation With Linkedin, The World’s Largest Professional Social Platform, Sinoart Went a Step Further In Integreted Marketing.

  • 2014

    Cooperating With Yandex, The Largest Searching. Engine In Eastern Europe, Sinoart Leads Mainland Enterprises To Russia And Other Eastern Europe Market Successfully.

  • 2012

    Cooperating With Microsoft Bing, Sinoart Became a Senior Agent Of Bing Search Advertising.

  • 2008

    Sinoart Adheres To Customer-Centric Philosophy, And a Survey Of Google Adwords Customers Shows That Sinoart Has The Highest Customer Satisfaction Of China.

  • 2006

    In 2006, Google Recruited Authorized Agents From Central China. After Fierce Competition, Zhengzhou Sinoart Technology Co., Ltd. Stood Out Among Many Companies And Became The Authorized Agent Of GoogleHenan.

  • 2003

    Founded In 2003 In Beijing (Beijing Yisinuo Technology Co., Ltd.), It Is Composed Of a Group Of Young People With Creative Technology And Business Abilities. It Provides Professional Network Marketing Planning And International Trade Promotion Services.

  • 15

    Gold Medals

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    Global Suppliers

Zhengzhou Sinoart Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Sinoart Information Technology Co., Ltd.was established in Beijing in 2003. In 2006, its headquarters was established in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. It is currently the largest overseas marketing integration service provider in the Central Plains region. For 15 years, Esino has focused on it. Overseas marketing outsourcing services for small and medium-sized enterprises, with its high-quality products, perfect management system and professional technical services, have successfully completed Yutong, Rebecca, Red Star, Haier Group, Luozhou, Weihua Group, etc. Thousands of well-known companies provide overseas marketing services, and have won the trust and praise of many foreign trade companies.

Since the establishment of the company, Sinoart has established its cooperation with world-renowned Internet companies Google (Google), Bing (Bing), Facebook, Youtube, Yandex (Russian Search) and LinkedIn since its establishment. The core authorized partner of the Internet company.

With many years of experience in foreign trade marketing, Sinoart has made a key classification research on the export industry and export areas of foreign trade enterprises. For the markets of Europe, America, South America, Middle East, Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc., English, Arabic and Russian are specially set up. The service departments of different languages ??such as group, Spanish group, French group and German group include a full set of overseas marketing service providers such as multilingual website construction, SEM integrated marketing, video marketing, SNS marketing and foreign trade training.

At present, Sinoart also operates a public welfare project of “Cross-border E-commerce College”, which carries out 50 trainings per year; transports at least 2,000 cross-border electric merchants to 1,000 foreign trade enterprises, and solves the employment and talent gap of 3,000 people; 1000 foreign trade enterprises provide at least 2,000 existing foreign trade electric traders to special training.

Second, The Company’s Main Products and Services

  • 01

    Overseas SEM integrated marketing planning and hosting services:

    Esino is an authorized partner of Google, Yahoo/Bing, Yandex and other search engines. The planning team will plan the overall search engine marketing according to the parameters of the target company’s products, target market, marketing appeal, etc. combined with the target market language and netizen search habits. After the promotion plan and the plan are confirmed, the optimization team is responsible for the specific implementation of the plan, and the export enterprise provides continuous advertising management optimization services to help export enterprises obtain overseas enquiries and reduce marketing costs.

  • 02

    Overseas SNS integrated marketing planning and hosting services:

    SNS can acquire overseas customers and assist export companies to gain the trust of overseas buyers and establish deeper communication. Esino has established cooperation with Facebook, Twitter, Lindedin, Google+ and VK to provide “platform construction, information release and export” for export enterprises. Three levels of hosting services, such as interaction, data analysis and optimization, focus on the training of exporting SNS talents in the service process, and finally realize the independent management of export enterprises SNS.

  • 03

    Overseas SEM integrated marketing planning and hosting services:

    Compared with domestic trade, foreign trade does not have the advantage of distance and convenient communication. The promotion and dissemination of video material can make up for this deficiency. The Essino Video Department provides video scripting, video shooting, video production and other services for export enterprises, and completes the export. The video material of different appeals such as corporate image promotion and product marketing, and the video optimization department promotes the video material through Youtube, and re-optimizes the video material according to the promotion data.

  • 04

    Multi-screen multilingual website:

    The foreign trade marketing website is the main battlefield for foreign trade enterprises to export. The quality of the website will directly determine the marketing effect. In the current mobile Internet era, whether the website can automatically adapt to mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc., whether the website language is the target market Language, will not be neglected, Essino provides export enterprises with multi-device, multi-language foreign trade marketing website, and based on various data indicators of the website, continuous SEO (search engine optimization), UEO (user-friendly optimization) To maximize the marketing effect of export enterprises.

  • 05

    Cross-border independent mall custody operation

    Esino is a wholly-owned independent brand mall for B2C companies such as wigs and other channels to conduct global marketing activities to help customers connect to credit card, Paypal and other payment tools. Realize free and independent trading between customers and customers. Up to now, it has helped Xuchang Wig Enterprise Independent Brand Mall to enter the top 50 in the world. Esino helps export companies achieve 5,000 daily orders with annual sales of 1 billion yuan.

  • 06

    Cross-border e-commerce college:

    The development of foreign trade enterprises is currently severely restricted by talents. There are basically no cross-border electric businessmen who are directly available. Based on years of experience and the needs of exporting enterprises, Esino has established the “Esino Cross-border E-commerce College” and joined Google. , Microsoft, Facebook and other internationally renowned or networked enterprise education resources, for foreign trade enterprise decision-makers to carry out marketing ideas, team building, marketing strategies, policies and regulations, etc., the head of foreign trade enterprises to carry out SEM marketing, SNS marketing, video marketing, Website SEO, website UEO, etc., the current Essino has achieved an average of 5 training sessions per month in Henan, with a total of 1,000 trainees per month.